Monday, 10 October 2011

"An eye for an eye"

A lovely sermon yesterday. The "Corpus" Christie preached on Deuteronomy 19:21:

"And thine eye shall not pity; but life shall go for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot."

I have always followed my father's simple, uncomplicated faith in these matters.

"Hands and feet are relatively simple to lop off in a couple of blows" I remember him telling me over dinner at home once, "But the trick of eye-removal lies in the right choice of spoon - a slender and somewhat pointed teaspoon, preferably the kind with a serrated edge for the consumption of grapefruit is needed for your Oriental type, whereas your African chap is better dealt with using a more rounded soup-spoon.

Wise words, and compassionate, too.

Where was I?

Oh yes - the Revd Knutter. Hugely enjoyed the drag hunt last Friday. Chap was unable to speak when we loaded him onto the ambulances, but when he recovers enough to hold a pen I'm sure he'll send the customary letter of thanks. It's his own fault for not practising horsemanship more - as I said to him at the time "If you'd stopped whimpering and opened your eyes you'd have seen the branch and bally well ducked."


  1. Quite so, Marmo. It is a testament to the Christian spirit that so infuses the Old Testament that Jesus or one of his chums says "an eye", not "both bally eyes and be done with it". Allows the Israelite in question to repent of his usury or what have you and still find his way home. Any recividism would of course mean popping t'other out to. Stands to reason.

    Do you think your padre might benefit from a few turns on Radgey, the Mulligans' mare? A relatively docile creature, with a certificate form Ireland maintaining that she's a horse.

  2. That's a jolly kind offer, Dacca. When he comes out of hospital I'll suggest it. Although when exactly that will be I can't say - apparently the sawbones was very keen to harvest the chap's wallet for use in transplant operations.

  3. Talking of eye related matters, could you please increase the size on the font on your post, Sir!
    It has made me squint.

  4. Dear Miss Blue - would that I could. Bally thing keeps crashing every time I try. Please accept my apologies, and the head of the chap responsible when I find him.