Thursday, 22 September 2011

Clarity prevails in the East Indies, if not in Croydon

Pardon my departure from the purported topic and what-not, but Prakash has just drawn my attention to a newsreel item from Bali, concerning riotous goings-on among the melon-headed monkeymen.

For those without access to the interwebbing, permit me to quote:

Denpasar. Bali Police confirmed on Monday that the sole fatality in Saturday’s intervillage clash was a result of riot police firing into the crowd but insisted it was not a breach of protocol...
Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika, the island’s former police chief, agreed that the police had followed procedure and said that quelling a clash of that scale required tough action to prevent it getting worse.
“If the police didn’t take a hard line, the violence would have gotten out of hand,” he said.
“Both sides were armed. Dozens could have died, not just been wounded.”
He also denounced the clash as a “primitive and uncultured” act not in keeping with Bali’s reputation as an idyllic resort island.
“The man who died because of it, will he be a hero? Will his family get an allowance for his death? No way,” Pastika said. “The same goes for those who were injured.”
“If they require medical treatment, they won’t be covered by any health insurance. They’re hurt because they went looking for it.”

See? Even the bally Nesians - Polly, Melon, Micro (who can only be seen with a magnifying glass) and Indo (shot for 'Indolent', I'm credibly informed) alike can understand the simple principle that rioters need to be dealt with firmly.

Would that such firmness been shown in London and the Provinces this last summer.


  1. Wise words, Marmo, and compassionate too.

    These rioting ingrates of Whitechapel and what have you ought to have been pacified with a bayonet charge or at least felt the crack of nutty slack about their withers.

    I've a brace of blunderbusses in the Bentley and a couple of Spud Mulligan's boys as'll pack the bells for a shilling a piece and a twist of perique.

    If the Johnson feller waives the parking chits we'll not charge fer fuel either.


  2. The Gloucestershire Poursuivants stand ready to join you, as soon as the court order expires. All a frightful misunderstanding. I mean, how was I to know it was all part of the play?

  3. Ah, Ludlow Am-Dram tried to put on "The Sound of Music" again, did they? Will the Hun never learn?

  4. Not this time Dacca , no - wouldn't make the same mistake twice.

    On this opccasion, a convivial evening in the snug bar of "The Swinging Welchman" led to a starlight stroll acrorss the bailey of Ludlow Castle where - to my frank horror - I observed a blackamoor attempting to smother a white filly with a pillow. I lost no time in pulling the Maxim gun from my britches and giving the feller a swift burst through the crenellations, whereupon I was surprised to find myself arrested in short order and charged with interrupting a 'Shakespeare in the Castle' production of Othello.

    Morning found me up on a charge in front of the Ludlow magistrates' court, Gen Peter 'Holy' Waugh JP presidin'.

    My defence was somewhat disjointed, but rested on the ancient legal principle er "It was only a bally actor, what's the fuss about?" which Waugh - after a bitter harrumphing and what-not - accepted as graciously as could be expected.